Syllabus for HTML Training   :


The World Wide Web (WWW) and history of HTML

  • Hypertext and Hypertext Markup Language
  • Why HTML
  • Prerequisites
  • Objective of this HTML course


HTML Documents:

  1. Dividing the document into 2 parts:

✔ Headers tags ✔ Body tags

  1. Paragraphs
  2. Formatting
  3. Elements of an HTML Document :

✔ Text Elements ✔ Tag Elements

  1. Special Character elements
  2. Image tags
  3. HTML Table tags
  4. Lists

✔ Numbered list ✔ Non-Numbered lists ✔ Definition lists

  1. Anchor tag, Name tag etc.
  2. Hyperlinks – FTP/HTTP/HTTPS 11. Links with images and buttons
  3. Links to send email messages
  4. Text fonts and styles
  5. background colors/images
  6. Marquee Behavior
  7. Forms related tags (action, method, name, input, submit etc)


HTML Media Tags   :

  1. Inserting audio files
  2. Inserting video files
  3. Screen control attributes
  4. Media control attributes
  5. HTML Object



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