Back End Course Syllabus

 Training   Schedule    For    Complete   “PHP Development  with   MYSQL Database  “   Course   :-

Session Title Details
Session 1 PHP  Introduction Introduction to  Apache  , PHP , MYsql,    Xamp  installation & understanding  Client Server Architecture.
Session 2 PHP  Fundamentals PHP  basic syntax, PHP data types, PHP   variables, PHP constants, PHP expressions, PHP  operators,  PHP Control Structure.
Session 3 PHP   Loops PHP For loop, do-while loop, while loop ,foreach loop.
Session 4 PHP   Arrays Php   Enumerated Arrays, PHP Associative array, Multidimensional array ,ARRAY Functions.
Session 5 PHP   Functions PHP functions, Syntax, Arguments, Variables, References, Pass by value & pass by references, Return values, Variable scope ,PHP include(),PHP require().
Session 6 PHP  Forms PHP form handling , PHP  GET,  PHP  POST,PHP REQUEST ,  PHP  form validation, PHP  form sanitization.
Session 7 PHP  File  handling,  PHP Strings Handling Reading file ,Writing  file, Appending  file ,

Strings and  patterns, Matching ,Extracting ,Searching Replacing ,Formatting  etc.

Session 8 PHP File uploading PHP   file  Uploading .
Session 9 PHP  Email PHP   mail() Function.
Session 10 PHP   Cookies & Sessions management PHP cookies   handling ,   PHP  session handling , PHP login session, Managing user ACL.
Session 11 PHP  Object oriented concepts PHP object oriented concept class & object.
Session 12 PHP  Object oriented Programming Techniques  Inheritance, Interface , Polymorphism , Constructor, Destructor, Abstract class.
Session 13 Basic  MYSQL   , simple  SQL   Queries Database basics,  PhpMyAdmin   , Database connectivity ,MYSql  Create ,Mysql  insert, Mysql Select ,Mysql Update ,Mysql Delete, Mysql  Drop, Mysql  Truncate .
Session 14 Advanced  MYSQL  query Where condition ,Order by ,Group by, Having, Like, And OR  operators.
Session  15 MYSQL Functions Using SQL  functions  Avg  , Count, Sum, Min, Max, Lcase,  Ucase.
Session 16 Importing ,Exporting CSv  data, Database  files. Importing & exporting  Database   SQL files.
Session 17 MYSQL  Joins Inner join,  MYSQL   Left joins , MYSQL  right joins.
Session 18 Advanced MYSQL joins, Full text Search. Complex  Sql  queries , Full text Search.
Session 19 Website uploading Filezilla  Ftp client, Domain & linux hosting guidance
Session 20 Projects Given by the center
Total Training Hrs  40(2 Hrs/Day).
Total Training  Period 5 weeks (20 Days).
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